Masixole Jarom

Masixole Jarom from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape is the eldest (and was heading) a family of 3, himself and his 2 siblings. They were raised by a single mother who passed away in 2006 when he was 16 years old doing grade 10. In grade 11 at Sisonke High School, he came across TRAC. Due to the help he received from TRAC during his grade 11 and 12 years, he performed very well. He obtained an A in Mathematics and a B in Physical Science, and was then accepted at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) for a Diploma in mechanical engineering, which he finished in 2012.  He graduated in April of 2013. After completing his diploma, he registered for his B.Tech degree in 2013.  At that time he also received employment at the university (NMMU) within the Renewable Energy Research Unit.

His story continues to unfold. While working on his second year of the B.Tech, Masixole received a number of job offers from various engineering companies.  In April of 2014 he took up employment with Nordex Acciona Windpower, one of TRAC’s financial partners, as a service technician.

Masixole’s younger brother, Andile, also went through the same path of receiving much help from TRAC.  Through TRAC’s assistance he was able to obtain good results in grade 12. He went on to study electrical engineering at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, which he completed in June of 2016.

While initially forced as a young child to head his family, Masixole is now able to do so as a responsible citizen with his own house, car and family (wife, daughter and younger sister). Inspired by his elder brother, Andile has followed suit, such that they are now both working for Nordex Acciona Windpower.

This family continues to excel.  At the beginning of this year, Masixole had the privilege of visiting Germany through Nordex Acciona Windpower.  This is something that is unthinkable for many in the community from which he comes.  Their sister, Xabisa, is doing her first year of a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.  Her studies are fully supported by her elder brothers.  Masixole has recently been promoted within Nordex Acciona Windpower to Assistant Lead Technician at the Kouga Wind Farm in Oyster Bay.

Masixole and Andile are involved in mentoring TRAC learners in the areas where they work. During the Summer School, Andile visited the learners in the Bedford area, whilst Masixole left the learners at the Port Elizabeth Summer School inspired!

Masixole Jarom – a true ambassador for TRAC