Beneficiary Roadmap



The academic focus is based on the DBE curriculum, enhancing the teaching, and learning experience with additional methodologies (workbooks, practical-based experiments, videos, and simulations), ensuring that the learners grasp abstract concepts in Mathematics and Physical Science curricula with greater ease. The aim is to improve the Mathematics and Physical Science results of TRAC learners.



The academic focus in Mathematics and Physical Science continues in Gr 12, aiming to further improve academic performance in these two learning areas.

During school holidays TRAC learners participate in intensive vacation programs to hone their academic skills. These vacation programs have proven to be valuable, as uninterrupted time is spent with the learners to focus on examination preparation.

Individualised Vocational Guidance

Each beneficiary completes an interest test, after which an interview is conducted to discuss the learner’s tertiary study options, aligning interests with academic abilities.  Each beneficiary is assisted to apply to at least 3 tertiary institutions for suitable courses. The tertiary application strategy provides learners with the best possible opportunity for a successful application. TRAC monitors the outcome of applications by liaising with tertiary institutions.

Bursary Applications

As most TRAC learners come from poor households, they would not be able to fund higher education. TRAC assists qualifying beneficiaries to apply for bursaries for tertiary funding.


Mentor & Support Tertiary Students

TRAC assists students to register for tertiary studies, mentors, and supports the students to ensure that they can focus on their tertiary academics.