The core business of TRAC advocates and promotes a country without poverty. The achievement of this goal is driven by the mechanisms of quality education and strategic partnerships.  TRAC’s focus is holistic and integrates the common interests of all its stakeholders in accomplishing these goals.  TRAC’s goals are therefore aligned with three Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

The South African poverty headcount ratio on the upper-bound poverty line was reported at 55.5 % in 2015. This implies that 30.5 million South Africans lived on less than R992 per month. Children (aged 17 years and younger), black Africans, females, people from rural areas, those living in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo, and those with little or no education are the main victims of the ongoing struggle against poverty.​

Through relevant successful tertiary studies, TRAC learners become economically contributing citizens in meaningful positions in SA, thereby breaking the bonds of poverty in their lineage.​

Challenges in delivering quality education deny many learners access to employment, reduce the earnings potential and career mobility of those who do get jobs – and limit the potential dynamism of South African business.​

Through quality education, utilising cutting-edge technology, and effective didactic methodologies, TRAC learners’ academic performance is not only improved but their understanding of abstract concepts is enhanced, improving their ability to reason and argue academically. Educators are empowered through co-facilitation with TRAC educators.​

Silo operations by stakeholders in the education sector imply that South Africa is not delivering an adequately and relevantly skilled workforce able to contribute to the country’s economy.​

Through tri-partite partnerships between TRAC, companies, and the DoE, a holistic and combined approach is taken to the improvement of the quality of education.  The combined goal of such partnerships is to drive sufficient academic performance to ensure successful funded tertiary studies access.